Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I cannot find the application in the market place

    This a known issue with the Google Market place and often seems to happen with either new phones, or ones that have recently had a system update.
    Unfortunately, we have no control over this and it is very frustrating for both you and us. Sometimes clearing the Market cache on the phone has been known to work:

    • Go into Settings/Applications/Manage Applications.
    • Select the 'All' tab and find the 'Market' application.
    • Select this and click 'Clear cache'
  2. The application never finishes downloading

    This can happen when there has been a network issue during the download. You can simply cancel the download by long clicking on the application and retrying. It is always best to try and download applications over a strong Wifi connection if possible to minimise network issues. You will not be recharged for the application upon re-downloading.

    This problem could also be caused by changing your address to after purchasing the app. To fix this issue, simply revert the address back to it's original setting when you purchased the application and attempt the download again.

  3. The live train information/timetable information was incorrect

    All the data comes from National Rail Enquiries feeds and subject to limitations that can be found here. There is a place to leave comments if you consistently find data that is incorrect.

  4. I have changed my phone/had it repaired

    As long as the phone is synchronised to the same Google account you can simply go to the market place and redownload. Google will recognise that you have already purchased the application and will not recharge you.

  5. Why are services running in the background? Aren't they using my battery unnecessarily?

    These services should only be running if you have a widget present. 'Station Location Listener' is simply receiving updates if the phone moves to enable the GPS facilities of the application to work. It receives updates very infrequently and should use minimal battery. 'Widget Battery Saver' is there to ensure that the widgets are not updated when the screen is off.

  6. Do you charge for the alerts?

    The alert service is provided by National Rail Enquiries and it costs 25p per alert. The information is detailed here.

  7. How do I send debug logs?

    If you are asked by the Thales team to enable debugging, please follow the following steps:

    • Install the latest version of the aLogcat application from the Android market (this is a free app which allows you to send us the log).
    • Open aLogcat, press the menu button on your phone, the select filter. Enter RPL.* into the box and enable the Apply as a regular expression option.
    • Open the Rail Planner Live settings and select the enable logging option.
    • Carry out the steps which caused your crash/bug.
    • Open aLogcat (you should see some debug information on the screen), press the menu button on your phone and select the send option.
    • Send the email to the address listed on our contact page.
  8. Why am I no longer able to do journey plans or live departures?

    Over the coming months there will be some changes to the mechanism that our app uses to get information from National Rail Enquiries. Some of these changes will cause older versions of the app to stop working. To ensure that your app continues to work, and to get the latest features added by our team, please update regularly using the market application on your phone.

  9. Why has my widget stopped working?

    Due to limitations with the Android operating system, applications which are stored on the phone's SD card cannot provide application widgets. To fix this issue, move the application to your phone's internal storage using the following steps, then restart your phone:

    • Select Settings from the phone's menu.
    • Select Applications then Manage Applications.
    • Find and select the Rail Planner Live entry.
    • Click the Move to Phone button.